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The Temple is an international group of people who want to improve the quality of not only their own lives, but of everybody. We have realised that the life of the average person lacks direction and meaning. Human beings are persuaded, by various methods, to do what they are told, however subtly, rather than what they really want. Some realise this and "drop out", hiding the world behind a beer can or a line of coke; others try to change the world. We are in the latter group. We try to do nothing unless we really want to. We try to differentiate between "pretend" desires programmed into us by society, and our true wishes. We then try to live these true desires. That is what real freedom is. Our method is, I believe, the most powerful. We use magick; not card tricks or turning princes into frogs; but real magick (that's what the "k" on the end signifies), which is a method of programming your own mind to do what you want it to do. We use sex as a tool for elevating the mind in much of our magick. Sex is one of our basic needs. It is also the most powerful force we have access to.

What attracted you to T.O.P.Y.?

The systematic use ov will power to make dreams become real. The undogmatic appreciation ov the inherent potentials ov thee Individual who wants to see and is not afraid to invest energy in finding their true self, their true desires, and to act accordingly. Furthermore, the new approach to Magick: a demystified system ov practical techniques to extend the perception and skill ov acting consciously according to one's own nature without guilt.

In what ways has T.O.P.Y. failed to live up to your expectations so far?

I see T.O.P.Y. as an active forum/expression/output ov thee assembled energy ov its members. I consider myself taking part in thee process and don't feel that thee organ has failed to live up to my expectations as they are identical with thee expectations I have for myself in life. I apply T.O.P.Y. in my life according to my own interpretation and accept no dogmaa, and as long as I feel that my intentions coincide with T.O.P.Y. and that its structure is based on mutual appreciation/trust/respect/challenge/communication then I invest energy in this forum. I am curious/open-minded by nature. In thee course ov time and involvement much is explained. I have no fear.

Explain T.O.P.Y.

Through education, school, inherited dogmatic value systems, TV, radio, written/spoken propaganda people are continously deprived ov their self respect as unique manifold human Individuals. We are systematically discouraged by thee keepers ov addicts to Control from exploring our real physical and mental needs and potentials. We are exposed to constant programming, its main aim being streamlining ov thought into unquestioned acceptance ov illusory satisfaction, leaving an unlocated feeling ov frustration behind. Fear is the Key to Control/Manipulation. Thee fear ov change/thee unknown/thee unsecure/thee unfamiliar - all these block thee Individual longing for development/experience and make him/her accept thee vast offer ov surrogates and substitutes in today's world system. Those who are not contented with this pseudo-reality seek other ways for deeper knowledge/realisation ov dreams, and create their own forum/access point for mutual encouragement/support/challenge ov individuality and will.

We are history, thee sum ov our ancestors. If we ignore our own history and its impact on our lives, we are inclined to repeat thee pitfalls and disasters ov previous generations. We dig our own graves as culture.

Christianity has monopolised thee European thought system and thee use ov ancient methods/rituals as a means ov recollecting force, and has deformed its intentions to thee point where they lose every form ov potence and sense while being refunctioned to "evil/dangerous mysticism/occultism".

Ritual as Access Point to thee inner regions ov thee mind and focus ov will into conscious action. . .thee threat to status quo in thee present socio- political and cultural world-system. A society deprived ov its history/past is a society deprived ov its future and identity.

Sex is thee primal key to thee mental system ov a person. It is thee nucleus ov their own past, present, and future. In thee moment ov orgasm thee brain is for a short period ov time thrown out ov/disconnected from its subconsciously socialised/adapted thought-system. In this moment ov disconnection thee brain is highly susceptible to new information. Orgasm is thee Access Point ov de- and re-programming ov thee mind. Storage ov subconscious information - thee seed to conscious action. Attack on subconsciousness determines thee overflow to consciousness latently transformed into concrete action.

Education/indoctrination has trimmed our minds in thee course ov a life- time to fit thee demands/needs ov thee control units in society. We see continuous re-education as a necessity in order to develop. Ritual strengthens our determination to find and do our true selves and to cross new borders ov knowledge and understanding, to avoid thee obstacles to thee realisation ov our dreams. Through self-decided "indoctrination/dedoctrination" ov thee subconscious mind we avoid daily pitfalls in mental laziness and cowardice/compromise. Free sexuality without guilt liberates our mind from inherent blocking mechanisms between consciousness. Free flow ov information between thee brain hemispheres brightens our eyes, makes us clear, strong and real.

23: Number ov "Coincidence" - thee genes in thee human being consist ov 23 chromosomes, blood needs 23 seconds to cross thee human body. A sign ov life and death, its correlation and its unknown dimensions. Death/mortality - thee ultimate reference point for each human being. To live fully without regrets or not. We are mortal. Here and Now.

Christians have their Cross - fetish ov guilt and shame. Christ on thee Cross - symbol ov martyrdom/sacrifice for thee sinfulness ov thee human race. Unworthy, godless slaves.

We repudiate - have our own fetish/symbol for thee immense possibilities and dimensions ov thee human mind and vessel in life. Thee Psychick Cross - an alchemical symbol for (magickally) dangerous material/knowledge. Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth is "danger" to dogmatic/streamlined thought, that is to thee stability/status quo in present society/culture: thee seed to a new science/way ov living.

Magick: a system ov Will Made Flesh. We focus our will in collective ritual across thee world on thee 23rd ov each month, and programme/tune-in our mutual wavelengths/sexual desires in thee moment ov orgasm. Our will- power programmed in thee genes and assembled in thee liquids ov semen/lubricant/blood/spit, and hair.

Thee features ov thee embryo is decided/determined through thee thoughts ov sexual partners during coitus. Thought made Flesh. Will made Real. T.O.P.Y. Made Real.


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