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The Temple is a group of people who together, and individually, work to combat any form of personal restriction. Quite simply we want to make our dreams, and those of everyone else, come true.

We work on three levels, or ratios. On the first level we examine our real selves, discovering our dreams, our potential, our REAL selves. We then try to live our lives, realising our dreams and making the most of what we have to offer (skills, abilities, etc...), thus following (to use a rather archaic term) our destiny. Once an initiate begins to work on this ratio, he/she has a chance to take joint control of the helm. The Temple is constantly evolving: each initiate has the chance to help dictate the direction of that evolution. In the 3rd ratio we work to try and improve the world in which we live. At this level we try to act as an evolutionary goad, pushing mankind back on course.

We realise that the only way of achieving anything is to help one another. So whenever we can we donate time, money, ideas and skills to T.O.P.Y. We receive no reward for this: no medals, no "I raised 100 pounds" selling shirts. The reward is the knowledge that we have helped someone else to realise their dreams.

We are an international group, with bases in the UK, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Canada and America.

As is obvious ("Temple" & "Psychick") we are metaphysically minded. Many of our methods could be considered magickal. Magick is merely a technique for helping us negate the effects of restriction and control; and live (again that rather naff word) destiny. We are constantly developing and refining our own magick. We do not believe in any great powerhouse in the sky, any gods, angels, demons, etc. We have realised that the human brain is capable of much more than it is used for. Our magick operates within the human nervous system - and works!

Our magickal techniques are a little too "technical" to go in to. Suffice it to say that one of our main sources of energy is sexuality and orgasms. Sex plays a very important role in our philosophy as the energy obtained from it is tremendous. As was said earlier, we try to "touch our real selves". Our first stepping stone to this is the removal of restriction placed on our sexuality by society. Once a month, or more, an initiate performs a simple magickal exercise which is designed to bring him/her closer to his or her real sexuality - as experienced in sexual fantasies. There should be no holds on sex, one should be able to enjoy sex in whatever way one, and one's partner(s), want to.

Our symbol, logo, emblem or whatever - the Psychick Cross - contains a great deal of symbolism. The most obvious facets are: 1, it is the reverse of the Papal Cross, thus making it an anti-papal cross; 2, it is an "E" for Ego, backed with a reversed "E", thus representing the negation of the Ego's role over the human mind.

In many systems of magick numbers are said to have meanings. 23 has many meanings all of which are applicable to the Temple: Initiation; Union of Fire and Water (symbols of male and female) - sex; Integration of all levels of consciousness.

I first heard of T.O.P.Y. through the drunken ramblings of someone I now find it impossible to describe. At the time "Godstar" boomed from his room almost constantly. After this, a friend lent me "Dreams Less Sweet". I bought a few records, sent off for some literature.

Previously, I had dabbled with THELEMA, which seemed to ask the right questions, but gave the wrong answers. T.O.P.Y. seemed to ask equally pertinent questions (and sometimes more so), and answered them with nothing but Hagbard Celine's "Think for yourself Schmuck". As time went on I became increasingly interested in, and in agreement with, the Temple's ideas.

At last a decent magickal system. No more silly Kabbalistic rituals. Simple, straightforward, and functional. A chance to help, however little, however much. Perhaps even to meet people who've got better things on their mind than taking the piss.


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