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Life is mediated by symbols. Symbols that steal. Numerical symbols that steal our intelligence. Word symbols that steal our voice. Pornographic symbols that steal our sexuality. Magical symbols that steal our will. A death on your symbols. Let each kill themselves.

The Psychick Cross is a symbol that represents the idea of "without Symbols". It is the first entry in a dictionary of the future Meta-symbolical language, a language of no-thought.

T.O.P.Y. is directed anger (which in itself is only Love). A foundation set up to compile this "dictionary" which all WEs will need in order to survive. A clearing house of symbols.

When ever you dis-cover stamp on a Psychick Cross. This release it for our use.

The Temple Ov Psychick Youth is an organization that has been created to further the ideas and feelings of those who feel that they have something to contribute to the running of society. The Temple involves a large scope of feelings and images that are connected to each other by the potency of their own desires.

Firstly, the Temple as an organization is created for those who feel and believe that they can increase their own potential in body and mind by pushing themselves to the limit of their durability, and do so in such a way that they can find the limitations of their own body as well as finding how far they can really go in producing a perfect understanding of themselves. Unlike other creations, the Temple does not try to coerce of push an Individual into doing what "it" wants them to do - the contrary is true, the Temple encourages the individual to think and act for themselves, perhaps offering gentle instruction as an aid to success. The Temple remains as a haven for help where friends are guaranteed. A spiritual as well as physical father. By involving oneself with the Temple you find that the trappings of an autocratic society are handcuffs to the spirit, holding you in place, disabling a mind, disallowing it to think and act for itself - laying down rigid rules that must be adhered to. The Temple, conversely, encourages us that we need no regimented rules to survive, all we need is to expend a minimal amount of consideration for our fellow people, to accept differences in colour, ideas, sexuality, etc. Falling (sic), the rules of our wonderful and enlightened society has led to nothing but war, man killing man; religion playing a large part in the reasons for war. Religion is another point that the Temple puts across. It shows us the trivialities in religion be it Christian or Hindu. The idea of believing in a spiritual god - how abhorrent. It insults the intelligence to have god and jesus rammed down our throats - Crass put my feelings very well when they said Jesus died for his own sins, no mine. Religion is an easy way for a frightened people to hide behind the eventuality of their own death - it's okay, we will be going to a better life - what a joke. The only temple/god we should worship is our own bodies - any sacrament to be given should be exercise of the mind and body. Prayer should be an introspective look into your own feelings.

The Psychick Cross is a symbol that is easily recognisable - and therefore a medium through which publicity can be shown. Unlike the "cross" the psychick cross is a very strong image of ideals, and shows a firm belief in what we feel the Temple stands for; I know that when people see the cross on my clothes - be it badges, t-shirts - and they ask what it stands for, they will always associate it with the Temple as well as Psychic TV. The strength of its images remains in the subconscious, therefore leading to easy recognition.

The Temple roots its beliefs in magic where sexuality and mental strength have always played an important role. This world is inhibited by its narrow- mindedness of sexuality. The Temple shows us that we should not be embarrassed by it, nor inhibited by it. This does not necessarily mean infidelity, or polygamous behaviour. Free Love can be practised between two individuals involved in a close relationship because the restraints of society are prevalent in marriage etc. It encourages us to be free - the most important aim for all humans - to be rid of a repressive society and to develop together with no feelings of materialism.

Although society is against us, too many people are unable to stand up for themselves, they allow themselves to be carried along without stating how they wish things should be done. If we work hard enough though, perhaps one day we will have a world where at least the ideas of the Temple are practised, even if they are disconnected from the actual force and developer of those ideas.


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