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Jung saw symbols as "libido analogues", capable of transforming energy. A representation channels libido (psychic/sexual energy) into new form - invokes ever renewed potential. Symbols in themselves represent NO SEPARATION. That is, the Psychic cross is a total synthesis of all we think of and mean by the Temple. For express purposes, and certain time-zones, some of its components can be isolated, but ultimately there is no separation. It exists of itself: the characteristic of all living symbols.

Because the Psychick Cross has many "personalities", a multiplicity of explanations, it is an ideal symbol for TOPY. Various significances have been pointed our: the single vertical line as the Individual, bottom horizontal as Past, middle horizontal as Present, top as Future. The Cross of Jesus and the inverted Cross of Satan combined. A television aerial. The alchemical symbol "very poisonous".

"We didn't choose it so much as the symbol chose us." A symbol of disenchantment, uncertainty and challenge/change.

The point of all this is that, like a true Individual, it cannot be pinned down.

Neither - Neither.

The Psychick Cross also incorporates the 23 mythology. The number 23 is total neither-neither territory (Austin Osman Spare's mindfuck technique - comparing opposites separate, together, then absent).

(But of course it isn't. It is just a number like any other, 22 before it, 24 after, surely?) Except that 23, for us, seems to behave very strangely. It has become a snake in the grass of reason. Thus the exception; for the Temple always the exception. The Individual. Every man and woman is a 23.

"A presence, neither good luck or bad luck, it seemed to have some sort of control over its appearance." Like the Psychick Cross, 23 has been isolated to symbolise certain concepts, random chance, Crowley's GET OUT, Burroughs' total cut-up, Robert Anton Wilson's total paranoia symbol. Its "common" (!) significance is its provocativeness, its individuality, however one wishes to depict it. So, OK, you have your cynicism, you may remain unconvinced, may not recognise TOPY, you see everywhere human weakness and self-interest - but the next step is to realise that cynicism is not a total answer, that the facade/shell of ego/"cool"/style can, and must be, discarded before we grow once more and enter a new "time zone" of evolution. Drop your shield, be vulnerable, thee wound is the reminder, you cannot remain untouched, so touch yourself.

Enter the Combat Zone. The Temple has declared war. It does not do so lightly.

T.O.P.Y. is an energy, fuelled with fiery Individuals who want change. Change. People are too hung up with sex, with getting things done, so they mess up. No-one cares anymore. To become rewarded is to give. And to give is contagious, to create synergism.

The Self is who I am after, yet I cannot find her until I give her away, and watch her without from within; then I can go. Egos are selfish and jealous - to reverse the Ego is to open the mind; to be curious; to recognise, to understand, to commit. Without altering the Ego one cannot undergo the process. E to 3.

I am curious. Curious and willing to learn. Tell me what I could do for the group that would help me. Not really help, but INlighten. For we are all out for INlightenment, for each one of us, ourselves, and for the whole. First know to be yourself, then to help the group, then to know you ARE your self.

For me I cannot "When in doubt - BE EXTREME"
Right now it's "When in doubt - Do Nothing"
I am curious Right Now.

New sexuality - ever youthful.


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