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Most people, when they come into contact with TOPY, will do so via Psychic TV. Whilst being a useful expression of and filter for TOPY, this has been the cause of misunderstanding of what TOPY is about, why it has to be here.

Firstly, it's important to say that TOPY is emphatically not a fan club for PTV - not a spin-off. While PTV are there for everyone to see, access without thought, as it were, TOPY is something else - it "gives" to the amount you "push". It lies behind, but is not contained by, PTV.

This much should be obvious. It is easier to say what TOPY isn't than to say what it is.

Basically, TOPY as a "system" is an expression of the ideas and methods of all the individuals involved. But TOPY "in itself" is harder to define - it is the idealised Hidden Instrument of Evolution - the "organum occultus". The hidden instrument is magickal- a synergetic interaction of certain powers of the brain. It has no "direction". Its centre is everywhere. Thus it cannot be "possessed". The hidden instrument is the means by which inner potential "happens".

TOPY is about setting change into motion NOW. It's about questioning authority NOW. It's about releasing the social function of subjectivity from the doghouse. Letting the dog roam free.

All this is now. TOPY has arrived as an urgent force to overcome the endless deferral of all this - the realisation of our dreams.

Our resource - our sincerity.

It is a synchronistic vector - the "dis-ease" being the dream of social and individual transformatin - of which we continually remind ourselves, and struggle to realise, in our rituals, our work.

TOPY is an expanding system of caring and action - communication without limit - MUTUALITY. We are aware that language alone does not suffice. Too many systems expand in direct proportion to their insistence on the dogma of their WORD. TOPY's method is to cut up the word, cut up behaviour - to find meaning beyond the parameters of Control. To re-connect at the source - our "spirit".

Therefore, it is not a religion, not a cult. We have no use for gods, devils, "instruction". We have nothing to fall back on but that which is in us. Everything we see is ourselves. TOPY is, in the best sense of the word, a movement. The movement, the process, being continual and at various levels simultaneously - spotting the lies, the disjunction between socialised "givens" and our dreams, our real potential - deciding to commit oneself to re- connecting with one's potential - and doing. We have many "people" within each one of us - we want them all.

This is expressed in our ritual and all our manifestations. Our network - our mutual experience and searching of TOPY.

The maturity of man/woman - that means to have reacquired the seriousness that one had as a child at play. (Nietzsche)

Vide infra (SSOTBME)

As explained at some length in the Grey Book, the Temple's initial and root method is the recognition and utilisation of our true sexuality - the invocation of primal sexual energies latent in the subconscious. The concept of "sexual energy" is, for the Temple, interchangeable with "psychic energy". Sex is the medium for magick - the frequency of truth. The sigil is its practice, the keystone.

...the significance of sexuality must be extended to embrace Reality, or that which endures after all else fades... (Kenneth Grant)

In a very real way our sexuality is interactive with our behaviour as a whole. With the Temple Method we cut up traditional sexual behaviour in order to release the New Sexuality - new because it is everchanging, ever regenerating. Thus liberating our real sexuality (everybody - every man and woman is a man and woman), we liberate our behaviour away from Control. We seek to deprogramme ourselves from harmful internalised alienating stereotypes. "Control begins with sexuality" (TOPY). We seek to reacquire the seriousness and curiosity that we had as children, to observe and act without guilt/fear. If there is one simple description of TOPY, it is that every involved Individual recognises the need to overcome GUILT and FEAR of DARING TO BE. We "see below" in order to "rise up".

New sexuality - ever youthful.


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