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It is difficult to understand the infinite and the inexpressible contained, albeit hidden controlled and repressed, in much ov the grey parade that is called life, even within one's own mind; but to communicate an idea that is beyond your own ego to another ego is almost impossible. The clclosest things to transmitting such ideas are Zen Parables, or Koans, such as what is the sound of one hand clapping, or what is enlightened Buddha being answered by being hit over the head with a brick. The Temple represents colour, but colour has to be seen, not intellectually analysed.

I justify my involvement with the Temple by saying, just as the present world needs the Temple (love being such a rare bird) I feel the need to help and be part ov something that represents evolution and a better future. I personally have lost "friends" because ov their inability to perceive what the Temple means (people conditioned by shit... who see in their little egos the wearing ov a PTV badge as evidence ov a brainwashed moonie-type cult.

How can I be in a cult when I know only one individual even slightly connected with the Temple?; yet people whose only knowledge ov the Temple - love, the future, colour, magick as sublime poetry - is gleaned from those who wish to climb up the intestines ov the machine ov Babylon by slagging the Temple off, presume to know better). Magick defends itself, but at times the gentleness I see in the Temple makes it a sitting duck for the projection ov complexes ov the cynical, bitter and controlled. The Temple's crusade to free the individual from control so s/he can grow focuses on sexuality because it's the only thing everybody is involved with at some point in their passage from birth to death, in whatever form. This is what scares the repressed, the puritanical who seem intent on punishing a new generation for the brief but vital progress that took place in the 60s. There is no Temple sexuality: its sexuality is mine, yours, or that ov any other individual involved. There is fuck all wrong with sex despite the macho-men and unbelievable creations ov the media and the flags ov restriction put up by both the political left and the right (all nasty oppressive illusions, not only are all cliches true, but all paradox).

The methods ov the Temple are vital because ov the appreciation ov the functional uses ov technology, the Magick ov the 1980s is filed on computer, photographed and taped, rather like the tools ov control. As Peter the Great ov Russia said: "our enemies will teach us how to beat them." The Cross is a symbol. Like all symbols it helps communicate an idea quickly and focuses the will. It is potent and harmless and very powerful. The nuber 23 is a bit ov a situationist prank as nothing freaks out the flat people as this mystic number.

The Temple = psychedelic + discipline

Individuals controlling their own minds themselves, by opening up.


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