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People like to control you. They want power and they achieve it. These thieves are smart and they work off people's insecurities. CONTROL means dictating how others should live and how to think. If you are afraid of making these decisions for yourself (because of fear of failure, lack of self- confidence, fear of death, and definitely laziness) then it is easy to associate yourself with, and follow someone strong enough to make decisions for you. You are no longer responsible for yourself and no longer have the burden or that responsibility. It is easier to identify oneself with an already developed personality (hero/heroine) than go through the never ending struggle of self-discovery. The insecure robbers who feed off our weaknesses are the ones most people tend to trust: our rabbis and priests who control through strict regulations and traditions, our school teachers who take advantage of the innocence and naivety of young children by presenting themselves and their ideas as manifestations of god, and our media which depicts THE acceptable lifestyle through slanted manipulations. These thieves are aware of your trust and innocence, and intend on using those weaknesses to control you.

The Temple Ov Psychick Youth is an organization aimed at DE-control. They do not wish to control you; they wish to liberate themselves. They offer suggestions on how you COULD liberate yourself, not how you SHOULD liberate yourself. The process of liberation consists of many types of research, such as the music group PTV. Members of the Temple feel that there is no reason why life should not be "lived to the fullest" where all one's NEEDS and DESIRES are fulfilled. Because there are so many distractions to divert one's attention from one's goals, symbols are invented to be worn, to be drawn, etc., to constantly remind, if not the conscious, then the unconscious, of these goals. Ideally, through this process laziness is combatted and the goals will more likely be achieved since those goals are constantly on the person's mind. Because there are so many distractions and limitations posed by the "controllers", sometimes our deepest wants do not seem earthly possible, and we repress them in our subconscious (a step towards neurosis) trying to dismiss them. The Temple does not believe in repressing our needs and desires (submitting to those "controllers"), because our personal needs are what make us human and individual.

The Psychick Cross is the symbol of the "whole" person, uncovering one's unconsciously hidden desires and obtaining them. The unconscious speaks most loudly in our dreams and our fantasies. When we fantasize, our desires usually take place in Utopian settings, and represent these goals by creating collages including parts of our physical body to personalise the symbol of our goal even more. This symbol reminds us over and over again that this is thee want, this is thee self. Temple members using this process end up understanding their needs and desires better, are more able to satisfy themselves and succeed in life.

I personally enjoy making decisions and discoveries on my own. I will not allow anyone to take that joy away from me. I enjoy my intelligence, my talents, and discovering myself using the symbolic rituals suggested by the Temple Ov Psychick Youth. T.O.P.Y. is an important organization because: 1) it shows people they are not alone in the struggle, and 2) it allows people to exchange views, ideas, and solutions to better these processes to liberate and satiate the individual self.


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