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Thee Justification ov T.O.P.Y.

Last night me and some members ov T.O.P.Y.S.T.E.E.L engaged thee "JESUS ARMY" in verbal confrontation. It was in some ways an awakening experience. It was also an experience which demonstrates thee necessity for T.O.P.Y., PaganLink, O.T.O., etc.

To be confronted with thee organised inculcation of GUILT, FEAR and LOATHING in militaristic form demonstrated the need for L.O.V.E. organizations to provide the keys to self-(de)-programming.

To be confronted with INTOLERANCE and PSYCHIC VAMPIRISM showed the horrible fate awaiting us if our society/thee earth is taken over by thee forces of PERSONAL LIMITATION.

T.O.P.Y. provides a decentralised set of forums for individuals who wish to escape our conditioned guilt and fear responses. It provides outline methods for individuals who wish to acquire self expression, self love, self discipline.

T.O.P.Y. is a will/energy focus. It's LOVE transmitting on all frequencies. True sexuality is a timeless moment of orgone mutation, thee event where thee subconscious becomes all thee planes, thee times, where it becomes an identity with thee conscious worlds. Liberation is only a heartbeat away.

Thee Psychick Cross = pagan Cross. Sexual unions. Tree of Life, qabballahs. Thee planes, all in one. Thee sigil of Temple workings, immanent in this cross, every working ever done before or in thee future, happening now. Thee sigil ov no name, thee blank sheet for our experiences and desires to write upon.

23: No-one has ever satisfactorily explained to me how or why a computer works. But I use one almost every day, and computers always touch my life. Similarly, 23 has not been totally explained to me, even in numerological terms. Not fully anyway. Thee fact remains that 23 seems to have some kind ov recurrent activity, in my experience. That does not mean it will necessarilty be a feature of your experienced universe...

23 attaches itself in its various guises (32, 223, 123, 0-23, etc.) to things I j- and many other YOUTH - are involved with. 23 seems to be a sign of recurrent activity in thee universe, ov unifying themes.

Justification of T.O.P.Y. to a cynical interviewer:

As rationality has failed to create a new mankind there are other methods to be found of changing minds. The will must come from individuals, who, to reach their aims, gather in a group.

Through the moral conditioning in childhood, school, military and the general influence of language, media and moral systems, men are totally controlled. They control each other, oftenj without even knowing it. The wishes, dreams of the body and subconsciousness are ignored and the subject, so long as there is one, is conditioned to ignore it too. Only functionality is important. Life is shortened to operational functions to serve society. It is degraded to a servant. As I feel unsatisfied by this, I need to escape from this control and want to destroy it. I like to experiment with other aspects of life. In this case, sexuality is an important factor because it gives the individual a total conscience of its own existence. It may help to find the inner self and break pre-formations. I like sexuality. In orgasm, you cross the border. In orgasm you die. Your coming back from another cone of reality after it. The coming to climax is a way to ego-destruction.

People are suppressed and conditioned by the socialisation processes of our "society" - education, media, and the family - to believe in certain attitudes and to behave in certain ways.

What has happened to individuality and the personality?

People should be taught to develop their own-selves and their own personalities - To learn about instinct, nature, consciousness and further heights of awareness, WHICH HAVE NEVER BEEN PUSHED FROM OUR MINDS.

The human mind is suppressed not to generate its "unacceptable" powers.

Meditation, creative visualisation, and MAGICK are important tools which may be used to help bring out our true selves.

Sexuality is condemned from an early age. Society as a whole condemns sexuality.

It is a beautiful experience - and can prove to be a very powerful and magickal act - generating immense emotion and feeling.

The idea of PLEASURE AND PAIN is fundamental to the understanding and experiences of people. Sex can exist within both concepts.

People should learn not to be ashamed of their sexuality, and sexually, to share experiences with other individuals.




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