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T.O.P.Y. is action against dissatisfaction
in a society that is passive not peaceful
(aiming for the throat)

From the Institute Of Positive Pagan Nihilism
to the passionate process that enfolds
(but does not control)
there is hope through energy.

Energies directed and multiplied,
energies conformed then deformed
energies facilitating psychick enemas.
To purge and purify,
to pain and putrefy.

To communicate is to cure.

Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth is a collective body ov Individuals, all working together towards a common goal. It is about thinking deeply about oneself, questioning one's role in a so-called free society.

Man is essentially a robot: he has set programmes imposed on his life, even before he is born. Whatever Man does he should do with passion. He should rise above thee imposed trappings ov society. Involvement with thee Temple is purely active and positive, thee bottom line being: "I don't want to lead a pointless existence, following and accepting thee indoctrination ov a worthless society.

With Man's progress, our self-destructive nature drives us all further from our true selves. In thee Temple we are a group ov people trying to halt this process by turning into ourselves and helping others to accomplish thee same. From birth, a person is conditioned to conform to thee accepted laws and morals ov thee society in which they find themselves - each institution and aspect ov our culture is intertwined with guilt and fears in order to push us on to thee acceptable path. Society is thus so easily capable ov moulding one into a flat, one-dimensional person (thee socially acceptable yet controlled person). TOPY goes to thee root ov thee problem, challenging us to honestly reveal our innermost needs, expectations and desires, ov bringing them to consciousness in the hope ov breaking society's Chain ov Control.

Involvement with TOPY can stem from an interest in investigating thee potentialities ov thee brain: knowledge that has been massively suppressed by those in Power. It includes making known information on both a political/conspiracy level, and on thee level ov an Individual's control over their own life. We have been taught to view thee State as a crutch to lean on, to fill our heads with pre-packaged ideologies that avoid thee need for us to think for ourselves and which create a society ov dead, bored, apathetic people. TOPY counters this by fighting conditioning and by allowing thee individual's true selves to come through - at thee same time there is action/research to demonstrate how all pervasive thee "spectacular" society is. By working together we can pool research, theories and actions: this way forward avoids needless duplication and, where necessary, provides allies and support for action. Much ov thee control mechanism ov society is based on guilt about/around sex, it being easier to control a sexually repressed person who thus always has a weak spot for thee Servants ov Power to press. For this reason, thee Temple strives to destroy thee conditioning ov guilt that lies deep in thee mind and which chains it to a mundane existence. Through thee process ov freed (and free) love/sexuality thee mind can be focused and channelled against all ov Power's conditioning mechanisms.

Thee tools ov thee Temple are first and foremost those which lay us open to thee reality ov life in permanent flux. Many techniques can be used: trance inducing music, chanting, dancing - these can all help strip down our outer mundane shell, exposing our inner core to thee free play ov creative forces. Thee method most favoured by thee Temple (because it is surrounded by thee most imposed guilt, fear and limitation) is thee unashamed exploration ov sexuality. Fundamental to thee workings ov thee Temple is thee belief that great psychic force/energy is released at thee point ov orgasm and that this, if channelled, can effectively "make those things happen" which will bring you closer to your ideal self.

This technique, and many more, can be found within thee many and varied spiritual/magickal traditions ov thee world. It is thee aim ov thee Temple, through practical experimentation, to extract thee core ov truth running through all, and thus demystified to present a working formula for any Individual courageous and compassionate enough to strike against dogma, habit, guilt, fear and all that weighs on thee spirit; to strike against flat monotony under all its titles, and to step into a magickal perception ov thee world.

TOPY is a lifeline ov magickal people aiming to change society for thee better through thee magickal transformation ov Individuals, and by helping people to understand thee power and potency ov their sexuality. A common mistake people make is that they think that TOPY is just another fanatical religious organization. They hear thee name "Thee Temple Ov Psyckick Youth" and automatically assume its philosophy will be an unquestioning dogma for thee masses. (Proving ov course that thee society-controlled mass mind simply projects its crippled reality on to those who seek to challenge thee orthodoxy ov thee moment.) However, thee difference between TOPY and other groups is that we create an environment in which Individuals have no choice but to find their own answers in order to improve themselves. Thee emphasis is very much on individual exploration. TOPY gives people hints and pointers, and whereas other organizations may make it easy for people seeking to find "answers", TOPY stresses that it is up to thee Individual's personal efforts for anything to be gained. And it is a two-way process: as thee Individual learns things from involvement with thee Temple, so thee Temple as a wider body learns from thee Individual.

There are elements ov truth in all schools ov thought, but not one single school can be thee "most correct" (no monopoly on knowledge!). What is needed is to take thee parts from all - those aspects that seem thee most logical and honest - and to discard that which perhaps reeks ov theatricals; understanding thee use ov rituals, as did thee so-called "ignorant" Indians ov America before thee evil Christian soiled their pure mind (pure in that they understood thee deeper reality that is thee essence ov magick). Many races and cultures ov thee world have stumbled across truths in their religions. We should make use ov these and develop our own minds in all possible ways.

Ov every organization, TOPY comes closer than any to thee ideal ov freedom. All areas ov life, especially those most taken for granted as being correct and right, are called into question. Questions open up possibilities ov thought and action, all in thee pursuit ov a sublime happiness. Not only does this intense questioning stimulate life, but it helps us affirm or reaffirm ideas and behaviours. TOPY allows people more confidence and comfort - hence more pleasure with themselves - in their own environment. Comfort is not laziness. TOPY further guarantees freedom (something that no other social arrangement can do, except that which evolves between very close friends) by not only tolerating differences in thoughts and actions, but by encouraging natural, intrinsic differences; that is, TOPY recognises thee inate potential godliness ov being; and its methods, its Psychick Cross, its 23, its Ov, can all help foster thee beauty ov each Being.

Thee Temple is a creative organization, a place to share and learn. Creativity needs to be freed. Time waits for no-one. We live once, so we take the opportunity: Participation.


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