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Explanation of T.O.P.Y. to a Stranger:

I found this question difficult to answer as I do not know enough about T.O.P.Y. People have asked me what it is, so I told them that it is an information network and to contact T.O.P.Y. if interested. However, when pressured I inform them of as much as I can, expanding on the ideas that I know, and state that thee network runs all over thee country and that depending on an individuals involvement information is available to them; that it is up to thee individual, if they want, to becoum involved and that one is not pressured into it.

To justify my involvement I would say that T.O.P.Y. has thee same or similar beliefs to those I have always held, but from which I had switched off as it was not "right" in thee conditioned world.

On T.O.P.Y.

I have played PTV &/or T.O.P.Y. material for many friends, so I am often asked about T.O.P.Y.

I tailor the answer to the questioner, telling no more than I think they can follow at the time. Sometimes I describe PTV as a loose aggregate of people working with music and video. I may explain that they are part of a larger organization which seeks to support people whose aims and interests are outside the mainstream.

To people I trust I explain more. That T.O.P.Y. is a network of people with some similarities and some differences, held together by a desire to understand and short-circuit control. To explore ways to make what they want to happen, happen. That T.O.P.Y. encourages people to find out their true natures, not a shallow and generic, dictated and advertised "identity".

One method is to exploit the cut-up, both on other material and behaviourally as well. We constantly run on habit, and it is good to break this up. Do you see friend X because you really want to? Or because it's what you always do on Thursday night? A simple but pertinent example.

Burroughs has been quoted as saying there was nothing special about 23, just that it was something he noticed and then kept noticing. I see it partly as a symbol of focus. That there is so much around that we screen out daily, if we pick something not to screen out it will seem omnipresent. I also like the idea of it as a sort of mischievous number, popping up with a will of its own where it has no statistical right. And each time it pops up itself it reminds me of my psychic heritage that I am reclaiming for myself.

I see no particular sexual style that is representative of T.O.P.Y. It is more an aspect of sex itself, that of the power (indeed - OV Power) it contains. A power that can be frustrated by a denial of desire; dissipated by investing it in removed, marketed images; or directed by self-understanding and a ritual method. Since the sex drive is so basic, and since social repression functions here as much or more than anywhere else, sexual magick is a most powerful and empowering technique.

The particular interpretations of 23 and the Psychick Cross are not as interesting or important to me as the fact that there are many interpretations.

If a cynic - journalist or otherwise - is asking me about T.O.P.Y., I believe it is important not to try too much to defend or to try to convince the person that there's nothing horrid about us. I will, however, try to dispel any basic misconceptions. I have found that so much of what I take for granted is alien to many people that I cannot explain parts of it. As I've noted, it took me a while to understand so many foreign thoughts at once. If pressed by anyone who is obviously hostile to and/or threatened by the ideas, I say "Well, I'm convinced of it, it works for me, and I'm happy." I do not try to "convert" them. If they are unaccepting of it, I give them some things to read, and T.O.P.Y.'s address.

T.O.P.Y. is an international network system, a kind of organization that brings in touch people who share ideas and feel free to do whatever they like, as strange as it may be. That's the reason why T.O.P.Y. is important. In times of loneliness, T.O.P.Y. tries to bring people in touch, tries to bring back the lost innocence, the correspondence among people. T.O.P.Y. hates everything and everyone who tries to limit its freedom. T.O.P.Y. offers a method of living to better survive as a True Being, and as an Individual, and not as part of the maze. Individuality is expressed as Spirit and Will. "Love Under Will" is the meaning. To manage it, T.O.P.Y. edits books, records, video tapes. T.O.P.Y. requires belief in Magick and modern Paganism, and recognises the power of the human brain.

The Psychick Cross means to me: Brain (upper bar); Heart (middle bar); Prick - as the home of souls (lower bar). It means the Individual itself, with its three psychic powers: Brain = dreams, fantasy, cleverness; Heart = L.OV.E.; Prick = soul = the power that motivates all the above.

The meaning of 23 is a mystic one, and people can only understand it after long thought about T.O.P.Y.

T.O.P.Y. is very important to thee continued growth of psychic awareness in thee world. We have progressed physically as far as we can. Thee next stage is mental.

T.O.P.Y. offers a series of mental training exercises: awareness (especially ov yourself) is thee goal.

There is no obligation, as thee Temple is you.
Thee aims are immense. Education, realisation, principally.
Thee Temple can be anything you need from it.
23 is thee pure number, completely random, a prime number.
Thee Cross: a reflection of thee ego, a place to focus energy and a simple,
comfortable symbol representing a new strength in thee world.


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