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Once upon a time. . . .

. . . . I first spurred interest in T.O.P.Y. with the listening of Dreams Less Sweet. After I proceeded to lose that tape to a young lady, I decided to find out more about the sound and reasons of T.O.P.Y. I purchased the live records series, which has proven to be a source of great enjoyment. And I try to forward the ideas of T.O.P.Y. with messages on the dorm door, and I try to play a few songs when I dj at the campus radio station.

What I rather liked about T.O.P.Y. was that there was no forcing of ideals on myself the listener. There are, I will not hold back, a few ideals I do not in self practice, because they do not appeal to me, but I will not condescend because someone else may. For the book, I do not experiment with drugs, have sex, or denounce strongly non-pagan religions. Persons may say that I have not lived, but that is someone else's idea of living. If and when I wish to try something, I shall, but until then I am content with myself. I guess the point is that it is a choice, and one must not necessarily make certain choices to be involved with T.O.P.Y.

The problem, well wait. Let us stay with that prior thought, about choices, just for a minute. You may have noticed I don't spell certain words the way T.O.P.Y. does; again I do not feel that is important for me to reflect that thought to be considered involved with T.O.P.Y. Anyway, as I was writing, the problem is I am afraid that I may not be able to be as active as I wish in T.O.P.Y. with my schooling, because education is very important to me. So, what I guess I am getting at, is that I will do my best to do what I can. I can only hope that does not sound too "wishy-washy". So, I am, will, try to do my most.

How would I explain T.O.P.Y. to a stranger? Simply, a group, tribe of persons who are looking ahead, with little recourse to beliefs or principles that have been embedded, sometimes unwillingly, into society. An aim of reversal, getting people to quit taking for granted what surrounds them, and having them realize they have control of their life, and to use themselves to their potential.

Why do I feel T.O.P.Y. is important? Because it serves as a meeting center for those persons who already know what they feel to get stronger centralisation and organization, and make themselves and their ideas more available to others. It's got a lot to do with the concept of awareness.

I guess aims and ideas have been taken care of. Sexuality, again, is an awareness, realizing how present it is, and how it can be made into something more wonderful than expected or known.

The Psychick Cross has so much behind it that it is rather hard to sum up its meaning, besides representing a receptor for thought processes. Also, I just rather thought that it could also be seen as a christian cross overlapped by a satanic (inverted christian) cross, and a bar in the middle to cancel the two out, which would go along with the theory of bowing to no god.

23 is something I cannot comment too intelligently on, since I have not the amount of information necessary. I have heard, however, that it is the number of confusion, and actually, I myself have not much more of a view on it. . .yet.

Other resources of my self-determination, defining ideas clearly, patience, art skills (with both pen and words), and desire to communicate.


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