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Trying to explain my reason for my involvement with T.O.P.Y. is hard, but to say I am searching for my inner strengths and weaknesses is as good a one as any. To me T.O.P.Y. is doing more for thee couming together ov people than any thing I know. They encourage thee sharing ov ideas which to me is an important factor in knocking down life's walls.

To ask me thee meaning behind their aims, ideas, sexuality, methods, thee meaning ov thee Psychick Cross, ov 23 would be an injustice to T.O.P.Y. Their aim I believe to be more wakefulness in society, for people to open up their eyes and see for themselves. Their ideas revolve around Pagan philosophy and thee arts ov Magick which in a way takes on all aspects ov Life. Methods are thee same in all new conceptions and must be used to get thee message across. Sexuality is a beautiful thing and should be treated in thee same way, free love must be forever in our souls. Thee Psychick Cross is a symbol to symbolise all aspects ov T.O.P.Y. ideals, they must be put up everywhere. Ov 23 I am stuck with no true conclusion as to thee proper idea/ideas behind it, but to me it stands out and crops up in thee weirdest ov situations and it is a JOY to see it anywhere.

T.O.P.Y. is an inner door, a device for breaking down mental walls. T.O.P.Y. can be pleasure with thee pain, thee garden ov eden and you are Adam or Eve. Open thee eye to T.O.P.Y. and experience everything before it is too late.

I feel no need to justify my interest or my sympathy. Those who reject T.O.P.Y. reject themselves - and few want to face the truth. Each individual must decide their own course, and as no-one is the same, so no course is the same. Everyone responds and rejects or accepts according to their own thoughts and feelings.

T.O.P.Y. offers an alternative to mass control, depersonalisation and guilt. Those who choose this path will never find it easy - prejudice and jealousy will see to that, as very few people have the courage to be themselves and those that do are often hated for it. For not conforming. For not being "one of us".

T.O.P.Y. aims to make each individual free of the mental shackles and spiritual bonds placed on us since birth. To question the unquestioning mind and to heal the wound of separation withing us. For no-one is whole when psyche, mind and body work in discord. The Psychick Cross is a symbol of this unity - a tangible representation of 23 - two threes back to back, joined, whole, a perfect harmony visually and psychically, to be used as a focal point for energy, a comforter emotionally and a reminder of the potential within us. A potential T.O.P.Y. can help us to achieve.

The thing I can give most readily is my love. My love of Life and its unifying energy and of all living things. My love of humanity and all that these destructive creatures have produced that is creative. My love of my ideal that I have cherished and nurtured all my life - that finally humankind will see and feel all that is within me is within all life and therefore that all life is within me.

The nation, the world is in a trap. The poor are getting poorer, and the rich, richer. Our environment is collapsing in upon ourselves because of what we are doing. An example: it is legal to corrode the ozone layer (by use of aerosols, etc.) and thereby harm everyone, yet illegal to smoke marijuana, and harm no-one. We need change, revolution - and T.O.P.Y. is that. The ideas of it being an insane death cult are a misconception. We are help, perhaps the only help and friend, not an enemy. So open your eyes.


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