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Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth is important because it is ACTIVE and CARING. It intends to nudge people into an understanding of themselves, into RESPECT for themselves. To Love themselves and their lives. It intends to spur people into doing coumthing with their lives, being ACTIVE. It gives people back to themselves along with the realisation that they CAN get what they really deeply want and need. Their desires can be made real. All it takes is effort and discipline.

For a few years now I have felt a deep hunger and frustration. There has been a large gap in my life. It took me awhile to realise what this gap was. A deep spiritual lack. There has never been any talk ov or involvment with anything remotely spiritual during the whole of my twenty years of existence. During Primary School it was required of the whole class to stand up in thee mornings and say thee Lords Prayer. I never ever believed in it. It seemed totally absurd to me even then, I don't really know why, but I never believed in "God". For seven years I stood up and mouthed thee words of thee prayer. When I left at the age of 12, if anyone asked me to recite thee words ov thee Lords Prayer I couldn't do it! Seriously. I had never learned it and had wilfully blocked it out. I objected out loud of course, oh no, that would result in the belt. Little boys who don't say their prayers get pain as a reward. It wasn't until I was about 19 that I found what I thought/think might be thee answers. I have always been interested in thee unusual. In everything. People. Books. Music. Art. Thee "Chaos ov thee Normal", thee "Moronic Inferno". Fashion has never interested me. During childhood I read mostly science fiction. Then came a period ov flux, ov wandering, where I no longer was deeply "into" Sci-fi as before, but couldn't find anything else. That was when I decided to buy "A William Burroughs Reader" having heard him mentioned in numerous articles in thee muzak press. Pages of wonderous images, surreal images, new ideas, new methods. This replenished my lust for thee innovative.

I used to go to an "Adult Training Centre" at night to help out at a kind of social gathering of handicapped people. There was a small record player, and a box of records. Sidney Devine, Elvis, Nana Mouscouri, country and western, thee muzak ov my nightmares! Tucked neatly in between two of these wreckords was an unimposing little single. It was Just Drifting and was by Psychic TV. I asked if I could have it as I wondered what they were like, having read reviews in thee press. As one of our records had disappeared they said "Yes". That was how I discovered PTV. It was a few years before I made enquiries into thee Temple. This was made at thee same time as I found a possible solution to my problem. I read a book called "Mysteries" by Colin Wilson. It was thee most amazing book I had ever read. A whole new universe ov possibilities opened up to me. I immediately developed a deep hunger for knowledge. Not everyday knowledge. Knowledge ov this strange new world. I went to thee library and read every occult book I could find. Whole new worlds of meaning opened up.

Thee Temple seemed like an honest organization. Not a brainwashing cult. An "anti-cult". I didn't know (and still don't) just how much knowledge it possessed. To make "the occult" a part of everyone's everyday lives, now that was an interesting idea. A very good idea. An essential idea. Ideas into action. Kick start evolution again.

To destroy tyranny and oppression. To bring joy back to living once more. Love. Responsibility for actions. Interaction between Individuals again, instead ov this total isolation that is becoming a hallmark ov thee twentieth century.

Sex. To free sex from all fetters. To throw off guilt and all restrictions to pleasure. To make sex pure again. Between two Individuals. Not thee ignorant sexist, totally damaging view of a man fucking a woman. Sex involves two people. Two active people (who may be active in their passivity). To reclaim sexuality as our own. To be shared with who we choose, however we choose. Thee magick ov sex. Thee new sexuality. To choose ourSelves.

Thee Psychick Cross. Thee cross is thee union of opposites (0=2). Thee top half has thee Christian Cross, thee bottom half has thee anti-Christian or Satanic Cross. Thee middle branch ties them together. Thee top half mirrors thee bottom. As above so below. It is thee anti-Papal Cross since thee middle branch is shorter than thee outer two, thee opposite of thee Papal. It is a television aerial. It receives and transmits information from and to every area ov life. Thee centre of thee Information War. It is a focus for knowledge and understanding. It is also thee face of thee Temple. Thee central line ov thee face along which is arranged thee line of thee eyes at top, nose middle, and mouth bottom. Thee three branches are mind, body, and spirit. There are three crosses in thee Psychick Cross, not two.

23, in Crowley's system, is Water. Thee essential element ov life. Thee great sea ov thee subconscious. Thee element that is always in flux, forever changing. Change is stability. Water has three states (branches on thee cross?). Water is the body and the mind. Just as the moon affects the sea so does it affect mind and body. The brain is something like 80% water after all. 23 is a mystery. It's just a number. It's just the number ov rays from Sirius, The Sun behind the Sun. Thee star of thee Dogon, those marvellous people. Thee symbol of Sirius is pretty close to thee cross.

23 is synchronicity and recognition:

2+3=5    2x3 = 6    2/3 = .666


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