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My interpretation of T.O.P.Y. is that of the propagation of unlimited expression and potential. Also, that of the freeing of world technology and communication from the restraints of generally restrictive, authoritarian value-systems. The Temple, to me, has the potential to both examine and free the latency of both physical and psychical potential.

I would like to take part in a world-deprogramming task, and experience the worthiness of my own full powers, in all their comparitive spheres.

These thoughts encompass my attitudes towards sexuality (in both its drive and visionary factors) and also my movement towards a cooperative methodology.

What is Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth?

To me, ultimately a special state ov mind - the place where all dreams meet. The place you know exists but are afraid to admit it. A secret place, timeless, sexual, a magick place open to all. Have you never felt so alive, happy, sexual that you want to live forever? Or are you lost, scared or just too pissed off to care. T.O.P.Y. can help you find your real self and you can help T.O.P.Y. in the process. By helping and caring and coummitment to T.O.P.Y. the same energy is given back. Love is not a dirty word, helping people is not wrong. For society to change, people must change. People must see what is happening all around them. People must be given information about sigils, dreamachines, magick. People must be pro-sexual, have respect and caring for everybody. What is wrong with being happy, alive, caring? So reject money - I'm on 16K a year, smart mate but who's interested. I'm a Man City fan - You're dead. (Fighting for a football team, strange.) This jumper cost 60 pounds. (Very smart, but does it make you really feel better inside.)

In these times ov one-upmanship why not join the ultimate game and play for your life and make history as well.

Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth acts as a focal point, a sigil to thee Will. It can provide thee FORM about which thee FUNCTION ov Thee SELF can be wrapped. Thee act ov focusing releases tremendous energy which Thee Temple, as a concourse, forms into a flow ov energy. As a concept it sparks off Individual activity and through thee Image ov Thee SIGIL it channels that energy into a creative outburst.

As a free form with a continuous flow ov unrestricted and unlimited ideas it allows any Individual to develop a language to express what can not be explained. Magick in its modern context is largely a question ov interpreting a subjective reality in purely personal terms. This requires a personal subjective language. Yet if society is to continue - have any meaning - then it is precisely this that must be communicated. A subjective reality can not be expressed in terms ov common language, but only as a personal experience. Thus thee only channel ov communication open to us is to place our personal view within a common framework. This in essence is what all communication is about. But most ov our present belief is based on distortion. Our culture simply has not got thee necessary tools to cope with thee present situation. Our cultural language is still based on thee rational universal world ov thee past aeon. This will have to be swept aside before people can talk to each other again.

Thee Temple as a focal point without a fixed system ov values begins Thee Process. It provides a channel through which thee Individual can view his/her circumstances from their own perspective. It sweeps past thee outmoded views ov mass philosophy. Most importantly, by mutual encouragement, Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth gives me thee courage to accept and trust my own view.

Its aims on human freedom and independence
To inspiration individuality
Freedom in any dreams, in any wisches

Sexuality with no limitations so long as it is yours
sexuality to make you free of any restrictions
sexuality & Love the most successful drivepower for any dream & wish Love the power of all powers.

Methods of magic and philosophy from many individuals
Psycho-levels of the brain to help you in higher atomosphere's
Methods from magic to create your perfect atmosphere and to get closer to that one self
Methods look sometimes bizzare but are the ones who understand there are
no limitations, when you wanne reach exstacy-freedom

OV 23 - That moment, that day, that dream, that wisch, that freedom
It all can come true, OV 23 is one of those methods

Lots of thoughts are feelings which are not easy to explain
May be when I have to represent a year later it might be totally different, I
learn every day more and more, it will take lives.


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