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I can relate to what the Temple Ov Psychick Youth is trying to do because we are all living in a world where chaos reigns. The Western World has been under the dogma of religion, Catholic and Protestant, for the last five hundred years. And its teachings, far removed from the original message, have beenused to control the masses and to shape humanity's moral codes.

So today we have people wanting to have spiritual freedom, but who because of the age-old brain washing of God and the Devil, and good and evil, find it hard. Even worse, most people in our society have to unlearn and begin at thee beginning about their relationship with life, the universe and everything in it; and they generally start looking within themselves for their answers. I personally think that Christianity is on its last legs, as its churches are full of middle-aged and old people, but not young people. So there are many who are searching for spiritual freedom, and a truer relationship with life. The Temple Ov Psychick Youth provides a means and a way for people to break free and rise above the lie of society. Because magick, witchcraft are keys that unlock many of life's closed doors, and enable individuals to explore and develop themselves on all planes of life, from spiritual to physical.

Nothing in life is easy, and magick is not an escape. As with all life you have to give of yourself to receive, and giving of yourself means a sacrifice of time and effort which is a hard lesson for many an aspiring occultist. So through contact with open groups like T.O.P.Y., individuals can meet other people with similar ideals in life.

Obviously people will have to face moral principles such as sexual Magick (tantric yoga) and other methods used in ritual magick to raise the power, but this is something they learn naturally and not unnaturally as the rest of society still thinks and believes. They have to learn that they themselves create or destroy what life presents before them, not God or the Devil, and thus having learnt go forth into a new world of gods. After all, evil is essentially misplaced energy (unnatural). So things like sex, and all pleasurable activity so long as it be done with free will, are healthy for us in life. This last point is another reason why I agree with T.O.P.Y.'s ideals: because they encourage people to be free within themselves, and to discover their own true wills.

As A/C puts it: Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law. Love Is The Law, Love Under Will.


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