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~ On criticism of the Temple ~

How can you criticize an organization which makes statements such as...

"we support your individuality", "we offer no dogma", and talks of "de- programming". These are some of the most important statements mady by T.O.P.Y., and show the principal aims of the Temple: the realisation of YOURSELF, which results in SELFLESSNESS in the most positive way - no greed, no sex barriers, no age barriers, no race barriers. . . .etc.

The ultimate goal of LOVE and escape from the prison of 20th Century (especially western) ideas and values. DON'T WE ALL FEEL THE SAME? Thee Temple gives no orders, it gives a method through books, records, states of mind to a form of enlightenment. "You must understand 'til it hurts. The mind must be stretched to include emotions, thoughts and points of view entirely foreign to the narrow limits of our present life." (quote from "Zen" by Christmas Humphreys) To me, the Temple is about THINKING and trying to spread this FREEDOM.

SEXUALITY: This I am only myself realising at the moment - NO GUILT. We see it on T.V. every day: twisted sex values - TURN IT OFF! I can't find the right words to use about my sigil experiences but I feel re-charged, focused, powerful, aware.

THEE PSYCHICK CROSS: This to me forms a kind of focus (not in a fearful, religious sense) and is a common ground and understandable sign to those involved within T.O.P.Y.

23: This to me is Kammerer's Law of Seriality. The natural rhythms, patterns, harmonies in all the universe. It is an expression of this belief of the unexplored forces that act upon us.


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