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~ Thoughts on The Temple ~

The Temple Ov Psychick Youth is a body of like-minded, ageless souls all striving in an individual manner towards a collective goal: a guiltless state of self-awareness.

The exploration of our innermost desires by the release of the sexual spirit, and thus the freeing of our emotions of dogma and external control, is fundamental to the process by which the Temple achieves its collective identity. The process is a deeply personal voyage of discovery (the very fact of the emphasis of the individual testifies to this), one in which the Temple acts as a guiding light, a processor of information and its re-direction.

"No Man is an Island", and for this reason the Temple is both needed for support in our battle, and as a focus for the support we ourselves can offer. Its sum being greater than the parts, the Temple serves as a sounding board for ideas, provoking thought which may under other circumstances never have been given the right "culture" in which to form and grow. Thus the Temple is a growing, living organism whose form is a result of the collection of "cells" within it, as in any biological organism. The analogy with the natural world is of direct significance. All life operates within a set environment or eco-system, but its very presence is an integral part of that system. If any one species grows it is at the cost of another, and if any "external force" is introduced the balance can be forever altered with the possibility of collapse (eg: Rainforests). The Temple is such a force, one which could ultimately over-turn the preconceived ideas of our Western society. This may seem to many to be a fanciful argument, but to those who mock I would say, "how small is a virus or cancer cell that can cause the collapse of an organism."

We may be small, but we are growing to attack like a cancer from within!

We must stand together, we must fight!


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