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Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth, we are united, united in the differences that constitute our individuality. At one stage or another all ov us had reached the same crossroad. The roads were clearly marked - conformity, control, suburbia, soap and no hope. The general flat planes that lead to a hollow, wasted death. Instead, we deliberately leave the roads to travel cross- country - to aim for the high mountains on the horizon. There are no clearly visible signposts, no neatly maintained roads and no resting points. The undergrowth can be extremely dense, the inhabitants hostile and the speed of travel tiresomely slow. But etched on the horizon, amongst the loftiest of mountains is a Psychick Cross. We move onwards and upwards. This is the way of T.O.P.Y.

To travel with T.O.P.Y. is to map out your own route, to cross virgin territory, often alone. You discover you pace, your own dreams of the goal. Discovering your own philosophy of life, but instead of preaching it you live it, and live it to the full. We may travel alone, but we obtain strength that elsewhere in the wilderness others are planning and travelling their own routes to the same goal. We may rendezvous, by chance or by desire. We can then share, relate our travels and exchange maps for we know that to fulfill our life we must help fulfill others: open their eyes, let them help us open ours. Share our results and tactics and help to change the maps of old. To lay new paths and roads and satisfy the discontentments of society and its expectations and limitations of an individual.

It is every person's basic right and task to be as they will, as they truly will. The study is long and hard to find this will. Total self-honesty is needed. The ability to touch oneself, no less. T.O.P.Y. will encourage, suggest ways of touching at all levels and of all aspects, by using rituals and intuitive magickal methods specifically aimed at getting closer to oneself. To integrate all the different levels and aspects to develop a total, free individual.

T.O.P.Y. realises that every man and woman has their own potential to achieve and live by. This can vary greatly within individuals but this is the key because each individual's achievements are relative to only that one person's potential. There is no competitive hierarchy as that would serve only to stifle development. Each individual must ultimately justify their every motive, action and belief to themselves. If they achieve this then they are allowing T.O.P.Y. to achieve itself. It cannot work in reverse. It can be hard. To start to truly look at yourself can hurt. Strength, honesty and commitment are needed to move towards T.O.P.Y. Sexuality is a key as within sexuality the restrictions and constrictions of society and its controls can bite the hardest. To liberate and understand one's own sexuality is to liberate and understand T.O.P.Y. An individual who has learnt to express themselves sexually can then use the lessons learnt here to inspire freedom and development in other aspects of their person. Your sex and sexuality belong to yourself. The energies it generates all come from within your psyche. At the peak of sex the doors open, the barriers collapse and there is no separation. The interchange between conscious and "sub"-conscious is complete. Using controlled focusing at this magickal time, T.O.P.Y. individuals can make a conscious desire to move to the higher levels of their own consciousness where it can take effect and help the dreams become real. By truly understanding this process and tailoring it to an individual's methods, breakthrough can be reached and you have given yourself back to yourself.

These methods of sexual focusing provide the basis of T.O.P.Y. workings. The results achieved here by the individual filter down through all levels, all actions, all motives. All comes from within the individual.

T.O.P.Y. has a psychick symbol and a psychick number. Both of these are woven deeply into the sub-structure. Both act as a focus, as a synthesis of beliefs and actions; as a trigger. The Psychick Cross with its horizontal arms in the ratio of 2 to 3 can be interpreted on many levels: to signify the individual (the vertical line) with his/her past (bottom line), present (middle) and future (top); a symbol of integration between opposing functions within an individual of T.O.P.Y. (3 E). The arms flow outwards from the Cross to symbolise growth and discovery whilst at the same time they all draw inwards to focus and synthesize this growth within the individual. A cross to sacrifice the self upon; a uniform symbol to identify with, but like T.O.P.Y. itself to be interpreted in different ways by different individuals.

The magickal number 23 is interwoven throughout T.O.P.Y. It is the point of focus, to integrate, to dissolve. A time, a time for work, a date to complete a task 23 times is to see it move deep within the consciousness. A number that's history is proven and potent, one that occurs internationally, irrationally and totally naturally. Like the Psychick Cross, indeed like T.O.P.Y., 23 is the gateway, the crossover point to internal focus and development and external flowering.

When there is no other way.



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