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In answer to a cynical journalist:

Most people can't stomach the "missionary zeal", so to speak, so any mention of a "Great Crusade to save The World" is right out of the window. The Temple is there for those who want it - it isn't another banal ideology, but a network of Individual interests where information is relayed to one another on the basis of practical experience. You've heard of synergy: the working together of two or more elements to create an effect greater that the sum of the individual elements' output. Well that's us! We support one another by our own efforts - like a latter-day tribe.

What impels a person to work within the Temple? A dissatisfaction with current societal values, perhaps. An awareness of possibilities within ourselves that most recognised institutions of society, religious or otherwise, either flatly deny or appear reluctant to expand upon. (As social beings we have an inner need to express ourselves amongst friends - interpreting "friends" as those people who can relate to you!) All such answers seem a bit "rhetorical" to me, so we might gain a better understanding of the "attraction" of T.O.P.Y. by taking a brief look at the ideas and methods it collectively presents.

We take a very broad view - limitlessly so - of the means at our disposal towards self-development. Jung called it individuation. Aleister Crowley called it the realisation of the True Will. You may call it simply "Maturity". From the lore of Magic (a much scoffed at notion, superficially, in our high- tech rationalistic era; but isn't our science the highest magic to a so-called primitive? And what arrogance you have to deny the function of something you know nothing about, despite its overwhelming history of practice?!), to music, to martial art; if the perceptive individual thinks there is something worth picking up on, we will attempt to pluck it out of the mire and use it! That is why T.O.P.Y. is often seen in the "public eye" to "wallow morbidly" in social taboos; or however else they choose to put it. Life's too short and wonderful to run away from and/or wrap up in unnecessary prohibitions/superstitions. So, cut out the crap! The Temple brings together people who aren't afraid to try a little. The luxuries of Western "civilisation" (loud laughter) also bring greater excuses for us to get very lazy.

(The notion of forced commitment, street-corner proselytizing, I find repulsive. We emphasise, more than anything else, the power and cretiveness of the individual will; how that feeling can be shared through communication and care. To force others to "join in" would defeat the purpose of the network. How can I force you to be yourself? [eg. forcing another to emulate my thoughts & feelings is no freedom for the other person.] What the fucks the point? We can only provide inspiration - no greedy Gurus infest this House.)

Why do I think T.O.P.Y. is important? Could answer that in several ways I suppose. The workings of the Temple are not always to my liking, but then, as a network with some degree of structuring/organization, what else do you expect? Humanity has yet to invent a machine that is 100% efficient. And involvement with T.O.P.Y. does NOT mean you go along with every suggestion that's put forward. In terms of energy, feedback and so on, you reap what you sow; just as with any human relationship (I use that analogy quite intentionally). Anyway, I feel it is important because - in an age of much insincerity - T.O.P.Y. is rooted in what I ultimately recognise as COMMON SENSE. We seek to embrace the earthly human condition, warts and all. We look at ourselves and recognise the need to strive for personal goals; expand our often blinkered definition of "self" by trying to utilise the new and the strange; experiment, instead of wallowing in the "fear of the unknown"; reject dogma, reject guilt, reject anything that leads to unnecessary anxiety - not by pushing things to the side, but by confrontation. (The quickest route between two points is a straight line.) Such ideas, although expressed a little dogmatically here for the sake of brevity, outline a healthy, strong approach to living. And it feels very refreshing to be amongst friends who won't try to fob you off with more alienating politics or mystical pap.

No, my involvement with T.O.P.Y. has not equipped me with easy panaceas for the problem of Government, etc. We live in a complex environment - I am the first to admit it. T.O.P.Y. has no manifesto up its collective sleeve. Rather, we consider the situation from the perspective of "To change the World you must first change yourself." It is no use disbanding the police- force tomorrow if they are all going to continue acting in the same way to the people they picked on before!

(To amuse myself, I might describe involvement in the Temple as a course in psychic self-defense for the outsider! But then you'd probably take that the wrong way. The Temple is NOT a cheap sort of psychotherapy; no psychic prescriptions from Doc P-Orridge, or anybody ridiculous like that. Nobody involved in the network wishes to suffer fools gladly, and the only people "assessed" are ourselves - BY OURSELVES. A little eccentricity leads to a progression of ideas - stupidity does not! And you must ultimately deal with your own problems, if you wish to reclaim personal responsibility at all - a belief that is central to T.O.P.Y. philosophy.)

Why the big profile on Sex in T.O.P.Y.? The fact that you feel our "high profile" needs to be mentioned may provide part of the answer! As I have already tried to indicate, the Temple strives to eliminate our (often culturally inherited) feelings of guilt. We consider sexual energy to be of great importance - its free expression is our very birthright, in whatever way our nature inclines. The neuroses and psychosomatic ailments resulting from high levels of sexual repression have been catalogued well enough by now, without me having to re-iterate the point. And guilt about one's personal sexual activities can be used as a potent weapon in the hands of your adversaries - just look at the gutter press. Sexuality is just that - whether it be expressed in "fetishism", "homosexual" activity (a horrible, clinical expression if ever I heard one), and so on. It's nobody's business but your own.

Having said that, it is obvious that many people - particularly the younger - pursue an active sex life without recourse to massive guilt! So why all the hypocrisy about its public expression? Why the hassle? Evidently, the mass media does not reflect an accurate - honest - picture of our feelings. The Sunday Sport continues to make sex and sexuality an absurdity - something to sneer at. We wonder why.

T.O.P.Y. wishes to take sexuality a step further by investigating the powers we consider to be generated by sexual activity, so that they can be used for the benifit of the individual. Every Individual. Orgasm has a powerful effect on one's perception, body chemistry, bio-electric field, etc., if only for a few moments. And we feel that the state of being created can be put to use, in combination with intense desire. Again, we are entering the arena of "magick" and ritual (all sex is ritual); we are considering the so-called dark side of nature, and to a TV generation brought up on Dennis Wheatley films, such ideas seem very taboo. We wish to break down those superstitions - we have little room for fear in such speculative areas - but we have no vested interest in people agreeing with our aims and methods. (We are not out to harm anybody, so please remain sensible and leave us be if you are sceptical/unimpressed.)

Of course you can't discuss sex without mentioning AIDS nowadays. To counter popular misconceptions let it be stressed that the Temple does NOT encourage orgiastic or promiscuous behaviour - forced promiscuity to prove one's "liberation" is just a stupid and damaging as exaggerated pruder; if it goes against your natural inclinations. I suggest you use your common-sense and exercise responsibility. But, to give an example: should someone attracted to their own sex no longer feel attracted because circumstances dictate a certain degree of caution with the choice of partners? We think not. Circumstances and the means of your natural indulgence may vary quite a bit, but the right to "be and feel" whatever you are does not. This must be kept in mind, as the puritans cry out for "conformity" yet again. . .


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