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April 1991 era vulgaris maximus


  • The sexual fluids/products of either gender released during orgasm. The fluid that ensures the transaction of life. In its symbolic capacity, as a transformative agent in magickal workings.
  • Lifeforce, the pleasure principle as appllied to ritual. The subtle emanation from the body during orgasm, called KALAS by the tantrics, the fluids emanating from the genitals during arousal are only on of the potent magickal fluids produced by the body in this state. The Hindu name for male ov is bindu, which means point or seed, and is represented by a dot. If ov is the seed, then blood is the fertilizer which nurtures it. This and blood are the polarities of our vehicular existence. The lubricant and the fuel- the one is linear, the other cyclical. Subtly: interchangeable with blood. They do not share each others physical properties, but do share essential ones. Blood is the sustenance - ov the quality. Blood is released with the sensation of pain ( the name you call that sensation), but not before the evidence of a heartbeat. Ov, when sexual excitement quickens the heartbeat and blood flows to the genitals, is sensed, and released with pleasure. They work well together, and must, for the sake of balance, be used together. Ov illustrates our will - our reason to 'live'. Blood sustains our physical life.
  • In text, an intuitive respelling for 'of', which acts as an enhancer to the sigil process.
  • (See also coum)


  • The temple is asked more about this number than about anything else. It is a number sacred to Eris, Sirius, synchonicity, and good conspiracy theories. 23 seems to appear more than it 'should' in random selection, a reassuring and oddly recurring number. 23 times 3 equals 69!! In the Sepher Sepherioth, 23 equals parted, removed, separated; joy; a thread; life. William S. Burroughs and Robert Anton Wilson have both written extensively on the "23 Enigma", so we will spare you the gory details.
  • A symbolic doorway between Universe A, or the waking "consensus-reality" and Universe B, the reality of possibility. The key to this door is the power of the focused orgasm.
  • The Temple needed a 'sacred' number, and 23 felt right. It has become a central focus for many Temple Individuals, and perhaps has been empowered by people focusing on it during their ritual actions for so long. In the words of one correspondent, it can be likened to a child- always following, but smiling, annoying but always charming. Like all 'magic' numbers, it significance is proportionate to the amount of time and cleverness you expend demonstrating its uniqueness. Every number is unique.


  • Manifestation of an enhanced and focused perception developed by creating a state of mind where the intuitive/creative faculties of the subconscious mind can interrelate with the ordinary state of consciousness, thus normally suppressed and/or ignored data can be analyzed or used in a constructive manner to assist in one's personal evolutionary path. Psychick is to psychic what magick is to magic. Lack of the 'k' usually implies sleight-of-hand 'hocus-pocus' tricks.
  • PSY- 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet


  • daoism - great breath, the soul, life
  • The deliberate modification of the Self by internal means, influencing one's behavior through thought, meditation, analysis. In the equation 'as above, so below', psychick magick would be affecting 'below', the microcosm.
  • The term itself can be taken to imply paranormally talented young people, the psy-chicks, who are the Maat mutants forming the evolutionary wave of homo veritas. It is what happens when one is tuned in. "I don't have to tell you, and it's better, sweeter if I don't."
  • (See also magick)


  • Literally, Latin for "sign". Magickally speaking, any deliberate concentration with a motive to produce specific results. A complex of lines (often of ink, on paper) that contain a desire, a name, a principle, or an event, compressed and concealed. Sigils are traditionally employed as seeds planted in the Astral Menstruum, which after being energized, frow to produce the fruit of manifestation. Sigils attempt to reprogram flat societal structures of an Individual's subconscious mind to conform with the real will and desires of that individual.
  • A ritual personalized to one's specific desired outcome with her own specific ingredients, in which a person achieves orgasm while concentrating on her desires. A ritual where a want or need is made real by reducing it to its simples form and committing it to the subconscious - one step on the path to self-development. A key to understanding one's most innermost desires.
  • It is said by some that a child is created in Universe B each time one has an orgasm, then the sigil process must be the process of producing a mickal child in the image of the desire. When orgasms are unfocused, we create monsters. One is never free of the Îdipus complex, our wishes, when inadequately formulated, have the power to destroy us.


  • The point of interaction between the Individual and the Network in an area with a high Eden/Kali/Coyote concentration. A clearinghouse for TOPY-related information, a point for local correspondence, as well as an active body which both carries on and evolves the ideals of TOPY in its own local cultural fashion and context.
  • The Access Point serves as a sort of gateway, door, or window analog through which pass information, energy, or both; a meeting place. It exists to actively promote the Temple in a given area by organizing events and discussions. The A. P. represents an intensifying of workload by choosing to step up from Ratio One work to Ratio Two and Three work, that is, working both within the Temple Network and with the World at large. It is both a focus for greater interaction and collaboration between active Temple Members, as well as a propaganda, recruiting, and fundraising center.
  • In organizational terms, an Access Point is an arm of the nearest Station, and is answerable to it in terms of output. An A.P. is generally assigned to an Individual who has performed at least 23 Sigils, and has proven herself to be reliable, committed, and highly motivated. To become an Access Point Coordinator is to take the Second Step within T.O.P.Y., to take the Ideal and attempt to translate it into Practice


  • An Individual, who has usually performed more than 23 Sigils, who has chosen, or been selected, to accept responsibility and be accountable for the Output of an Access Point. This Individual is by no means the 'Boss' or 'Leader' of the A.P., but functions as spokesperson for the A.P. within the Network as a whole, and answers both internally and externally for the Output of the A.P.


  • Sigil destination and major continental node of the Network.
  • A place or point that someone can 'tune in' to, to receive a transmission.
  • All that embodies an Access Point; in addition acts as a semi-administrative body in its region, a production center for TOPY literature and products, and a center for information-related correspondence.
  • Most visible manifestation of the Temple. Sigil vault - the heart of TOPY.
  • An established point, physical or otherwise, that marks the location of a complex set of events, e.g.: train-, bus-, -of the Cross, underground railway-, -of a Watchtower-, broadcasting-, battle-.
  • Center.
  • Main archive and clearinghouse.


  • A geometric chaos within a fixed framework - travel with it and within it to make it stronger as we take our threads (hunger, desires) to point A to point K and so on... The more thread, the better to keep the info-food we catch. The COUM is what attracts the Prey, and the OV is what makes it stay.
  • Information exchange.
  • noun : a group of points connected by lines in an orderly fashion. verb : to establish and maintain connections with a number of other Individuals or groups, usually for the purpose of conducting mutual word towards a common purpose.
  • A group of people who think differently and similarly but communicate as one.
  • A group with organized relations.
  • The entire Tribe.
  • The sum total of the output of all Individuals connected with TOPY, i.e. the Net-Work.


  • INDependant, INDIVISIBLE, the lone wolf, the lowest common denominator of the Temple, of which the sum total is the Network. Commonly abbreviated as Ind. to remind us that we each are, and must remain, ourselves first, and that the Temple is an Individualistic organization.


  • The point-to-point movement of data. A sending through or across. In electromagnetic terms, the transfer of a signal from a sender to a receiver by Electromagnetic waves of radio-TV frequency bands. Closed transmissions can occur via wire and microwaves.
  • The formal conveyance of information within the Network from a specific Individual or collective source to a restricted or designated recipient or group of recipients.


  • An open transmission style that sends in a sphere from the transmitter; these signals can be received by any TV or radio tuned to the signal within the effective broadcast range, which depends on the wattage (strength) of the transmitter. In finer spheres, one can broadcast the pattern of a Sigil, one's word, a warning of danger, etc., by means of natural psi talents or magickal rites.
  • An evolved broadsheet-information dispersed to a totally unrestricted field of actual and potential recipients. Information for all. Information, louder and quickening.
  • (See information, transmission)


  • The alternative spelling for 'come', blending the words 'come' and 'cum'. 'OUM' is the Universal Mantram spelled out how it sounds, somewhat more accurately than the more common 'OM'.
  • Designating an actively engaged intersection of individual energies (sexual or otherwise) between and among two or more agencies or factors. The collaboration of elements. The act of bringing forth.
  • The liquid product of an unfocused orgasm.
  • (See ov)


  • Known to historians as "quaint spelling". In earlier times, personal of great temporal power did not feel constrained to 'common' (being of noble birth) usage, and commanded the language to their semantic whims. As a matter of fact, there really was no such thing as 'correct spelling' prior to the Puritan era, who quite rightly, we're sure, felt the language of God's people ought to be made as uniform and bland as his chosen people. Nearly all the original dictionaries were compiled by puritan or calvinist zealots.
  • For centuries, language has contained subtle value judgments and biases against free-thinking Individuals, especially those with polytheistic or pagan beliefs. In TOPY, the attempt is being made to re-appropriate the language by deliberately mis-spelling and changing the meaning and connotation of words into a language more in tune with our values. In so doing, we symbolically declare war on societal conditioning.


  • A magickal reference to the multi-dimensional personalities of the self as opposed to the 'flat' world's 'I'. Shortened from 'we', signifying the whole Individual in its many forms. Used in writing to train oneself to think more on the level of 'all', everyone, everything.
  • A symbol of Energy as in E=mc2, Reich's 'Ea' field for primal energy, Ecstatic, E-go. In Latin, it means 'from', as in 'E Pluribus Unum', from many, one - the collective I-EYE.


  • The perceived center of the Universe - the first person, used synonymously with the Freudian Ego.
  • Identity, the middle letter of 'LIE', I refers to the Individual as singular.


  • Existing in two planes only, length and width.
  • In TOPY, the day-to-day, non-magickal, one-dimensional society-controlled aspects of life. The non-magickal or job-related aspect of an Individual's life. Limited to Universe A. Not undulating.
  • Low-resolution quality - that which cuts short on its intentions. A dare to our perception.
  • A facet, the one facing out - the societal personality. Lacking in the perspective enjoyed by those existing in multiple dimensions.


  • The steps taken to transform something through time, consciously or unconsciously.
  • A sequence of events necessary to produce another event. The progression from illusion to reality. An operation undertaken with the express intention of assimilating an event or experience. The process is the product.


  • A magickal event or ceremony.
  • A sequence of events conducted by a reutalist to produce a change in herself and/or the world. Traditionally, this consists of establishing a sacred space, calling 'witnesses' or 'guardians', invoking an archetype or principle, directing the energy of that principle toward effecting the desired change, absorbing the essence of that energy into one's daily self, dismissing the witnesses, and dismantling the sacred space.
  • A sylized method of inducing an altered state of consciousness or enhanced ludicity in order to give concrete form to otherwise abstract principles. In other words, the perservation of thought by use of action. A series or combination of focused actions designed to effect, imprint, or integrate transformation performed in a context outside the framework of rational thought.
  • A time of systematic, acute awareness.


  • A quantitative relationship of one item or group to another, or a number of others.
  • Within TOPY, a realtive description of workload taken on, and the responsibility and accountibility that entails, which forms the basis of what hierarchy TOPY possesses. Essentially an internal designation of the role an Individual chooses to have within the structure of TOPY. As of December 1990, there are three primary Ratios : Ratio One is effecting change on one's self through the Sigilization Process. Ratio Two is effecting change on the TOPY Network by becoming more involved with the structure of an Access Point or Station, either by working there, or by offering assistance or suggestions by mail. Ratio Three is choosing to influence the World at large by coordinating an Access Point or Station, or involving one's self in the work of an AP or Station on a day-to-day level. Each Ratio is inclusive of those preceding it, which means that one must always continue one's work on self, and within the Network. If the work on self suffers as a result of workload, then it is the Ratio Two or Three workload - and NEVER the first - which must be sacrificed.
  • It should be noted here that these terms are used in a strictly relative sense, and are not judgements of an Individual's relationship with the Temple. We are all equal, and the assumption of extra workload is unfortunately dependent on such factors as geography and economic status. Ratios are fluid, and always increasible or decreasible, according to the needs of the individual and the Network.
  • (See information, workload)


  • The amount of time, energy, and responsibility one devootes toward essentially routine and non magickal work relating to TOPY. The basis on which Ratios are calculated. The Net-Work of the Network.


  • Any organized or intelligible symbol or string of symbols which can be transmitted, stored, or retrieved without losing the structure which renders them intelligible to those capable of understanding them. Note that certain information strings may not appear either organized or intelligible to those unfamiliar with them. The value of an item, in the grossest terms, is always relative to the amount of information it is able to contain or process. Thus, a record player or a pencil is of more value than the amount of money it takes to purchase either of them. Money is in itself valueless, except as a means to purchase tools to receive, store, process, or transmit information. Money contains less information than almost any other contemporary artifact.
  • Within TOPY, access to information is dept as open as possible. Certain sensitive or internal information is accessible on a need-to-know basis, such as the internal policies of the office attached to an Access Point. Ratios determine the access to such information.


  • A term devised by Aleister Crowley to distinguish between stage magic and ritual magic (k), which he defined as "the Art and Science of causing change to occur in contormity with Will".
  • Within the Temple, a lifestyle chose by all of us to reject inherited values, such as theism in all its forms and willfully develop what we believe to be the natural, but atrophied, neurological potentials of all human beings to alter our behavior and environment. There is nothing at all 'magickal'about magick- it is our long-neglected birthright, which we must work at our whole life to inherit.
  • There is a certain prankster energy about this term, a spanner in the works. Magick implies the disintegration of the carefully ordered reality of concensus. Subversion, Guerilla miracles, Underground Science.


  • One of the most unpleasant, but essential, aspects of life. On the one have, it is the all-pervasive influence that concensus reality holds over us. On the other, it is the power to take charge of one's life, and resist any temptation to perform any act which might revert that power to another agency. It is the fine line on which true freedom is balanced.


  • A person or group who is technically not affiliated with the Temple (i.e. does not have Ratio One Status), whose goals are nontheless aligned paralled to ours, with whom we choose to share resoursec and/or information.


  • An exchange of information of any kind. Possible only when all involved parties are mutially agreed on the meaning and/or value of the strings of information exchanged. MIS-coummunication generally occurs only when parties disagree as to the meaning or value of said information strings.


  • Generally, the amount of information one shares with others. specifically with the Temple.


  • The finished products of one's wordload. Generally used within TOPY to denote the amount of workload finished relative to that taken on, or committed to. One's Ratio is, in practice, more linked to actual ourput than workload.
  • (See workload)


  • The closest-knit and most active center of the TOPY Network. The center of TribE is rib, which is reminiscent of the story of Eve, the first wife. Admission into the tribe is a wedding, the Tribe must be the first love, to keep and to cherish. Til death us do part. But , at the end, there is always E.


  • That which ends, yet exists only in relative terms. The reverse of Emit, which flows subtly and continuously, Time harries us and limits our output.


  • That state into which all altered states of consciousness lull us, the place where we exist independently of our bodies. The mental state we experience in post-orgasmic afterglow. A place of total freedom, and vulnerability.


  • A reference to an eastern European fairy tale, which serves to remind us that a magickian ought to know what she wants before she starts willing it, as magickally obtained desires are notoriously difficult to rid ones' self of!
  • (See tar baby)


  • The thing that Brer Rabbit couldn't get loose from, in TOPY slang, an altogether intolerable partner one has devoted one's magickal energy attracting, and now must try, somehow, to unattract.
  • (See sausage on the nose)


  • A sect of Hinduism which practises a very intense form of sexual magick, involving the supression of orgasm, which is an excellent methos of building up sexual tension, which can be released as energy. However, due to the basically orgasmic structure of the Sigil process, as well as the inherently anti-dogmatic approach of TOPY, one must eventually decide whether one wishes to have orgasms or not.


  • The process of taking certain processes and ideas from an established system, without buying into the dogma that comes along with it. Also known as having your cake and eating it.


  • The generic Temple Name for all non-North American Male Sigilizers used a few Years back. Named for the mythical garden which is a metaphor for timelessness, and for the world we hope to build. Now it isn't used no more, only some older members use it.
  • (See Kali, Coyote)


  • The generic Temple Name for all Female Sigilisers. Named for the fierce aspect of the Hindu Goddess of Time, a Name of Power for women, who are generally conditioned by society to feel subservient to Males.
  • (See Eden, Coyote)


  • The generic Temple Name for all Male Sigilisers. Named for the universal Trickster Spirit of the Native American.
  • (See Kali, Eden)


  • Projected or directed force, generally seen as more male in polarity.
  • (See NRG)


  • Energy. Power that is essential, enamanative, and embracing, generally feminine or androgynous in polarity.
  • (See power)


  • The state of being oblivious of one's 'correct' sexual identity, choosing instead to exude both male and female energy without feeling constrained to either. Full sexual integration without guilt.


  • If OV is the carrot of a sigil ritual, then blood is the stick. Blood, the scar that goes along with a cut, signified committment to a desire, and the willingness to make a sacrifice for it. Ov flows in one direction, out. Blood is our life, the means of our continued existence. It demands respect, and reverence.
  • (See OV)


  • All that exists, anywhere, in all times.
  • Universe A is the concensus universe, the Universe with drug and sodomy laws, bills and taxes. Universe E is the Universe of dreams and possibilities. If you can conceive of it, then it can exist in Universe B. The Universes can be superimosed by achieving timelessness through orgasm, ritual, exhaustion, drugs, etc.


  • The magickal act of tapping into the essensce of a person or place (called the object) by arranging an array of mnemonic devices which remind one of the object. It is possible to influence the life, perceptions, and decisions of a person in this manner, so it is important to keep their desires in mind as well as your own. Communication over vast distance is also possible.


  • A person or place with which one tries to influence, ro commune with, in a linking ritual.
  • (See link, workload)


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