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Towards an Analysis of The Logomachy of Zos


"Any fact or fiction has no difficulty in finding relatables as supporting evidence because everything has a 'point of connection' and a period of reality when instantly and simultaneous to time and place. Our difficulty is to re-evoke 'as now': so we accept semblance of (i.e. make-belief, religion or faith) as substitute of real belief (which needs no other reality than its own: what you cannot conceive as yourself is yourself (as another reality)."

Previously I mentioned a theme concerning Truth that I believe continues throughout the entire Logomachy. Here is the quote: "...we also see the beginning of a theme which I think I have discerned continuing throughout the text (we will see). This theme is that of the Truth and Reality of all things at some time or place. Anything which is not, will be in time or already has been. The "Forgotten Event", of which falsehood is an echo, might originate in the future or past, echoing forward or backward and drawing the misplaced truth to a return to its origin. There is, then, always a relation to the Truth but this Truth is not an ultimate unity, but rather the dispersed shifting pluralism of a universe of desire." I believe this theme is continued here. Everything has a point of connection and a period of reality, just perhaps not here and now. Thus whatever is false in the here and now was or will be true at another when and where.
Perhaps we should add a touch of humor as well, I don't intend to say anything about it right now, but it is well worth reading:

"All pleasures eventually equalize; their difference is of duration and degree. When certain pleasures are constant we naturally strive for their preservation. Hence to me a 'large fat woman's bottom' is spacious and spatial-I know nothing better-so why should I disavow or transfer to 'Love of God', or anything else? I am loving God via a fat arse. All true appreciation of the abstract is through other things. Better this, than acquiesce by faith in non-inferentials. Actuality, like belief, is asserted by feeling. So the Soul loveth all who loveth him through those things he maketh: he who appreciates my work…"

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