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Towards an Analysis of The Logomachy of Zos


"The dominant difference between each of us, and between all of us and the animal kingdom is a degree of 'ability', of instinct become 'personal', arbitrary. Outstanding ability shows affective psychic union."

Let us kick this around a bit. First, ability is instinct become personal and thus arbitrary, in the sense that we can now use the instinct in a way that isn't pre-programmed instinctually. Here is a crude example; we can use the "flight" part of our "flight or fight" instinct to run a marathon. Outstanding ability then becomes "effective psychic union" insofar as the unconscious/instinctual is united and made usable with conscious desire and its arbitrary nature. This suggests a path of development for those seeking ability in any area, namely to work more and more to make the instinctual conscious and willful. This is a process of claiming for your own all the little and big things which were formerly just the provenance of your seemingly foreign body. Yoga comes to mind as another example, the way in which first the breath and eventually even the very beating of the heart can be turned from something automatic to something conscious and willful such that yogi masters can slow their heart to dramatic degrees, giving rise to unusual abilities and benefits. Thus the instinctual is made personal.

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