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Towards an Analysis of The Logomachy of Zos


Reflections on the Title

We should, perhaps, be curious what the hell the title of the book is supposed to mean. We have already discussed a bit concerning Zos, so that part should be clear enough or, at least as clear as I can make it which might be very different from "clear". However, what in the name of Kia is a Logomachy and why does Zos (or Spare) need one?

Logomachy = Logos + Machy (ancient Greek)
Logos = word, rational discourse, governing principle (thought, speech, account, meaning, reason, proportion, principle, standard, etc.)
Machy = war, battle, fight
Logomachy = Generally understood as a "Battle of Words" or "Battle with Words" but the full pluralistic sense of Logos allows for a lot more meanings than this. We might have "Battle of thought" or "Battle of reasons". Perhaps we witness a "battle between governing principles" or a "battle of meanings and standards".

However, it surely takes two to battle. With whom is Zos (and/or Spare) fighting? Shall we presume an unknown interlocutor? This is an interesting line of interpretation, what enemy do you want to presuppose? Crowley and Spare knew each other and eventually had a dislike for each other, might Zos be waging the first battle in the war between Thelema and Chaos Magic?
Perhaps the battle is internal to the text, and here Zos battles with himself? Or rather, the words, reasons, meanings, principles, standards battle betwixt themselves. Perhaps a plurality of desires, giving rise to the "ten thousand things" as the Tao Te Ching puts it, fight it out in this sea of words all the while pointing the way to Kia and the shelter of the Neither-Neither. This would suggest that we shouldn't necessarily demand or expect a consistent unified interpretation whereby each statement in the text can fall into an appointed place.
The Logomachy of Zos, then, might be the endless words of the infinite flesh battling for all eternity for all words are the words of Zos, and Kia is silent. In this sense at least, everything is the Logomachy of Zos.

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