an ongoing project of the
Autonomous Individuals Network

Volume 8
"infinite possibilities"

now available!
past volumes
Volume 1
"open call"

Volume 2
"all things permitted"

Volume 3
"that which is said"

spoken word edition

Volume 4
"frum all direktions'
Volume 5
"in chaos we trust"

Volume 6
"thee place where U R"

collection of field recordings
Volume 7
"within thee cross ov chaos"


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This project was conceptualized by AIN23 as an ongoing open-submission experiment
in the theme of cut-ups and memetics.
It can take less than 23 seconds to cast an act of ones WILL upon the universe.
What will you do with your 23 Seconds ov Time?
Future offerings with themes and conceptual direction are planned for further volumes of this project.
This page is dedcated to the most current information on this project.

WARNING: these recordings may contain material & themes that are not suited for persons under 18.


Are You Awake? or are you part of the world of sleeping people?
Thee Autonomous Individuals Network was formed to assist
those in search of a creative & magickal way of THINKING and living.
We find power in the 23rd Current ov Magick
and if allowed will share it with all that seek to see,
all that wish to know
all that wish to be awoken and detach from
the world of complacency and boredom.
Are you Awake?

in memorium


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